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Hi, this is my website. My name is Fabian Flöck and I'm a post-doc in computational social science / web science. I created this site to make some of my research and services that I build publicly available. Basically this site is about research on effects of the web and on the web. My main topic is social dynamics, data mining and visualization on Wikipedia, but I'm interested in the social and content creation processes in any kind of collaborative platform and also in Human Computation.

I worked as an research associate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute AIFB. Currently, I'm holding a permanent position at the GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Cologne.


To reach me, best send me an email to f.floeck-youknowwhat-gmail.com or fabian.floeck-youknowwhat-gesis.org

If you have questions regarding the implementation of WikiWho, you can also reach my colleague Maribel Acosta at maribelacosta21-youknowwhat-gmail.com


i have been a pc member / reviewer for:

  • International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
  • ESWC2015
  • Hypertext 2015
  • ISWC 2015 IU&S
  • CSSWS'14
  • Empirical 2014
  • Iswc2014 in-use *best reviewer award
  • SocInfo 2014 *special mentions for recognition of excellence in reviewing
  • SOCM 2014
  • CHI 2014
  • WebSci 2014
  • WWW14-WebSci
also, i'm currently serving on the editorial boards of the Journal of Web Semantics and the Human Computation Journal


My publication list can be found on Google Scholar.

copyright, data protection and privacy.

I'm not collecting any personal data on this site. If you follow a link to an external website or service by companies like Google or GitHub, make sure you read their terms of service and data protection policies. All licenses for the resources I offer here should be clearly stated at the place where they are stored (GitHub, other repositories) - if they are not, let me know.

IF I should ever infringe on any privacy, intellectual or other rights of anyone with the content posted on this site, it certainly will not be deliberate but accidentally, out of inattentiveness or a misunderstanding. So please contact me immediately with any concerns you might have and I will do my best to resolve them right away.

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